Raja Rajendran has over 30 years of engineering experience of which 20 years are in automotive such as engine, transmission, chassis, body, and other automotive components design and development experience.


Designed and developed various automotive components in the areas of Engine, Transmission, Chassis and Body. Developed components of casting, sheet metal, rubber, plastic etc. Worked in the capacity of lead engineer, project engineer, design and development engineer, test engineer, integration engineer and packaging engineer.


Worked in concept refinement, technology development, system development & demonstration, production & deployment, and operation & support phases.


Design, development and construction of various industrial control valves, isolators used in nuclear power plants.  Design of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits.  Interpret customer’s specifications into design parameters and verify their compatibility.  Perform stress calculations. Selected raw materials / components to suit the design parameters (actuators, gear boxes, motors, pneumatic / hydraulic cylinders, springs and accumulator tanks).

We have a US patent on an innovative design for a  Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) that is NON-DEPENDENT ON FRICTION AND PROVIDES UNIFORM INPUT TO OUTPUT RATIO. and have a utility patent pending in multiple countries (Canada, India, China, Japan, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and several others). We have built a hand-held prototype for proof of concept/product demonstration. We are currently working on building a prototype for ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)

Salient features of the IVT:

  • Non-friction dependent (all geared). No slip.

  • Does not require additional electric motor or hydraulic pump/motor for operation.

  • Uniform and steady output for a steady input

  • Co-axial input / output

  • Ranging from full forward to full reverse

  • High torque capability

  • Efficient, Versatile and Scalable

  • Simple construction and assembly

  • Compact and Light weight

  • Cheaper to manufacture

  • Use of readily available commercial off the shelf (COTS) components

  • Eliminates the need for clutch

  • Possibly eliminates the need for a torque converter

  • Multiple configurations aid packaging within available space

  • Eco-friendly (increased fuel efficiency)

  • Can easily replace/retrofit existing regular transmissions with minor changes

Professional Experience

Infinitely Variable Transmission