Specialize in homokinetic non-friction dependent

(patented in US, Japan,

and China, and patent pending

in Europe and Canada)


Multi-Speed Transmission with Uninterrupted Shifting for EV 


(patent pending)

Our Excellence

Our Engagement

Our Expertise

  • Knowledge and experience in Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Testing, and Project Management
  • Vast Experience in all areas and all phases of Automotive Product Life Cycle


  • Analysis and balancing of rotors for high speed rotation
  • Developed the design for an Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) with uniform input to output ratio, which is not dependent on friction
  • Designed and built miniature prototype (hand-held and for bicycle) for an IVT as Proof of Concept 


  • Developing a patent pending design for a Multi-speed Transmission capable of uninterrupted shifting suitable for high speed application (EV)


  • Development of pitch curve and involute profile for non-circular gears
  • Engineering Design using tools such as Catia, Pro/E, NX, HyperMesh, Meshworks, Abacus
  • Mathematical Modeling using MathCAD
  • Establishing design criteria with the application of GD&T (ASME Y14.5)
  • Development of custom Geneva mechanism for controlled rotation

Our Mission

To custom design eco-friendly products through simple and effective engineering solutions and be a leader in the latest trends of Automobile Engineering

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